Javapolis 2007: Bamboo, continuous integration the easy way

On Javapolis 2007 Atlassian presented two new products aimed at helping agile management projects ‘work’ in the real world.

First in the line is Bamboo, their continuous integration tool. Next we’ll talk about Crucible.

The guy from Atlassian Bamboo began his talk by telling the audience that “Continuous integration is a process, not a tool’. That’s certainly true, you should first think about your process before starting to setup tooling. That said, there are a lot of tools with an inadequate feature set or skyhigh prices, ultimately leading to a good process which is not followed in practice due to timeconstraints.

Bamboo tries to fit in a lot of functionality while still being relatively inexpensive.

Features include:

Build telemetry

Bamboo dashboard

Build telemetry lets you interpret statistics and trends of your builds. It also allows you to drill down into a specific build or pull up and look at overview information. Having this empirical data at your fingertips supports change as you can make informed choices.

Interesting statistics include:

  • build time
  • % of successfull builds
  • number of test failures
  • average time to fix a failure
  • allows comments on a failure
  • graph, allows to see trending and comparision between projects

Test telemetry

Test telemetry lets you interpret statistics and trends of your Unit Tests.

Handy features include:

  •  drill down to the tests that have failed
  • see if this test has failed in the past?
  • if true see how it was fixed the last time
  • a Top 10 of failing tests
  • historical summary of your tests can help identifying problem areas

Besides those two types of statistics, Bamboo also features a plugin framework which you can use to for example integrate Clover (coverage tool), PMD and FindBugs.

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