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JSF 1.1 performance fixes

JSF 1.1_02 is the latest officially released reference implementation of JSF1.1 by Sun. It’s still widely used by companies who have not yet migrated to Java5 (as it is not always easy to migrate all applications to a new target platform).

While looking through the FishEye source code view, I came accross some interesting unreleased performance fixes:


I have been investigating the size of views as they are stuffed in the session for scalability reasons, and have found a couple of issues with the RI code:

1. The biggest problem I found was in StateManagerImpl.The function removeTransientChildrenAndFacets causes the lazy init of the child list, facet map, and client id of every component in the tree! Very, very sloppy.

Fixing this literally halved the size of the view in memory.


StateManager for stateSaving Server has a synchronization lock on (this), blocking all threads. I thought this was fixed a while back.


Currently the checkIdUniqueness forces creation of child and facet arrays onevery component, the suggestion is to switch over togetFacetsAndChildren() which is now optimized within UIComponentBase to avoid unecessary eden creation in memory.

Has anybody already used these JSF 1.1_03 rolling fixes and noticed memory reduction? If so please let us know in the comments!